Exchange and return policy

Ramez intends for you to have an enjoyable shopping experience. If you do not feel completely satisfied for any reason with your purchases, Ramez will refund you the value of your purchases within fourteen (14) days from the delivery of your purchased products. Products purchased and returned must be new, never used, and in their original packaging coupled with the original invoice, provided that all product cards/tags are still installed in their place. Ramez may not accept returns that are damaged, dirty or altered that were delivered to you.

Ramez provides its return and exchange service in accordance with the regulations, conditions and cases stipulated in this policy:

- If the product is defected

- In the event that a damaged product (s) is received, the customer must communicate directly with customer service through our official channels (calling the customer service number, live chat service) within a maximum period of 3 hours from the time of receiving the order while providing us with all the necessary pictures of the product that explain its condition while keeping the product (s) for the purpose of completing the complaint closing procedures.

- All complaints / suggestions will be replied to within two working days.

- The refund process is only done by giving the customer a coupon for the value of the damaged product or by redelivering an alternative product in the event that the status of the product is confirmed by the Ramez Online management.

- In the event that there is a dissimilarity in the type, description or form of the received product from what is displayed on Ramez Online.

- Please make sure that the returned product (s) have the confirmation of the return request that was given by the customer service section. Additionally, please make sure to return the items with all of their accessories and free gifts, along with availing the purchase invoice upon returning these products.

- These conditions apply in the event the customer has submitted a return or exchange request as soon as the products are received. This can be achieved by contacting Ramez customer service through the available channels or by raising a complaint from the customer’s requests section within a maximum period of 24 hours.

- In the event that the return request is accepted by us and after ensuring that it meets the conditions for return or exchange, coordination will be made to send a delivery representative to collect the product.

- The value of all properly returned products will be refunded to the original owner in cash or credited to the relevant credit / debit card or bank account of the transaction after deducting the applicable bank fees (if any). If you find an error in the value of your refund, please inform us by writing.

The monetary amounts are processed according to the payment method chosen by the customer, for example:

• In the event that the customer paid with cash, the amount will be added to the customer’s account in Ramez Online within a maximum period of two working days, as the customer can use the amount to conduct other purchases.

• If the customer benefited from a monetary discount using a coupon and the customer returned the product, the amount will be returned with the value of the coupon being deducted.

• The refund of the value of the purchases on the card may take up to thirty (30) working days in order for your bank to complete the procedures, depending on when the procedures commenced, and this period may vary greatly between card issuers, thusly Ramez will not bear any responsibility for any Delays in refunding payments on the part of card issuers, and Ramez does not provide any guarantees of any kind about the correctness of the refunds or the timing of their arrival to the customers' card / bank account, due to the multiplicity of institutions involved in conducting the procedures of online transactions and working days / holidays of financial institutions.

Non-refundable items or products

Perishable products (frozen and fresh) such as meat, fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and their derivatives, bakery products, baby food, beverages or refrigerated juices, in order to preserve public health.

All kinds of nuts.

Weighted products, including (spices, nuts, cheese and pickles).

Underwear, swimwear, beauty products, and any products that are used on the skin.

The customer must return the product in the same original condition in which it was received and not use it and it must be free from any defects, and if the customer opens the cover, this will be considered to be contrary to the stated conditions and will deemed as an acceptance of the product

The return policy is subject to what is stipulated in the health-related decisions issued by the official authorities.